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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Making a good first impression will always be important! Your smile can sometimes communicate more about your personality and success than words. No matter how stress and age might wear on your teeth, we at Dental Office Anthem AZ can help keep your smile looking attractive and healthy.

What Is A Dental Crown?

A dental crown is an artificial tooth cap that is installed over a problem tooth or an implant post. The dental crown is secured permanently, so it can be used for normal chewing with little risk of loosening or falling out. It can also be brushed and flossed normally. A crown can be customized for size, shape, and color, so it will look natural when beside your real teeth.

A dental crown can be a good solution for a single tooth. We also offer dental bridges that can cover or replace multiple adjacent teeth.

Do I Need A Dental Crown?

Dr. Holly will always try to salvage or restore a natural tooth. However, sometimes tooth damage cannot be repaired, so Dentist Anthem AZ may recommend that the tooth be covered or replaced for both health and aesthetic purposes.

Dr. Holly may suggest restoring your smile with a dental crown if your tooth is:

Our Dental Crowns

At Majestic Dentistry, we use traditional technology to provide you with dental crowns matched to fit comfortably in your jaw and blend in with your other teeth. Dr. Holly will make measurements and take X-rays before sending the details to a lab so that your crown can be crafted just for you. We will make any adjustments throughout the crown installation process to ensure that your dental crown looks and feels natural.

A blemish in your smile doesn’t have to keep it from looking beautiful any longer! Call us today to schedule an appointment and discuss getting your teeth restored with dental crowns.

The smile you’ve always wanted can soon be yours!

Call Majestic Dentistry today to schedule a consultation for your dental cosmetic services with Dr. Holly.

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