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Missing or unattractive teeth can really hold you back. If you’re searching for a way to smile broadly again, dentures might be the right solution for you!

Why Should I Get Dentures?

Missing teeth can cause more problems beyond aesthetics. A full set of teeth is crucial for comfortable eating and speaking that does not do any further damage to your teeth. A set of false teeth can provide the function and protection you need.

We may recommend dentures to restore your smile if:

Dentist in Anthem AZ can examine your teeth and discuss whether dentures might be a good option for you. Our dentures dentist offer different types of dentures to best meet your needs and tolerances.

Complete And Partial Dentures

Traditional complete dentures can replace an entire bridge of teeth, upper or lower. They can also cover your gums to conceal any discoloration or wear.

Traditional partial dentures can replace just a few teeth. They resemble a retainer that can be locked into place alongside your natural teeth.

Both complete and partial dentures are removable for cleaning and are fitted to your bite for stability. They can also be customized to match or enhance the aesthetic of your smile and face.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures can allow you to show off your smile right after you’ve had multiple teeth extracted! You can eat and speak again without having to wait to get new artificial teeth at a later appointment.

Traditional dentures are created from an impression that is made after your teeth have been removed. The dentures then take time to be crafted, so you may be waiting a couple weeks before they are ready. Immediate dentures are created from an impression that is made before your teeth are extracted, so you can have a set of new teeth to wear right away without anyone ever seeing gaps in your smile.

Immediate dentures are customized to fit your bite and teeth, so they can still be comfortable and stable. As you heal from the extraction, you may need to have your immediate dentures adjusted. Some patients opt to use immediate dentures temporarily while they wait for their traditional or partial dentures to be constructed.

The smile you’ve always wanted can soon be yours!

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