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Endodontics Service

Endodontics Service

The outside tooth enamel is the part that we all see. So naturally, we want it to look its best and may spend most of our time and energy whitening it up or straightening it out. But sometimes, we may forget that the inner structure of our teeth also needs our attention.

Endodontics And Root Canals

Endodontist is a branch of dentistry specialized in the study and treatment of the inner workings of teeth. More specifically, it is concerned with the root canal of a tooth and the pulp inside it.

The root canal is the hollow space inside each tooth. Within this hollow space is a soft tissue called pulp that connects the tooth to the gums. This pulp is what supplies the tooth with nourishment and hydration, especially during its development.

Root Canal Infection

The pulp inside of your tooth is full of nerve endings and blood vessels that can cause pain when exposed. It can also become infected when bacteria comes in contact with it. The enamel of your teeth acts as a strong barrier that protects your pulp, but decay or damage can break through this barrier and cause severe problems if it is not repaired right away.

Root canal infection is not always painful or noticeable, especially in its early stages. Routine dental examinations can reveal any endodontic issues that must be resolved before they become too serious.

Our Endodontic Treatment

Many patients still think of a root canal treatment as something to be feared. But actually, root canal treatments are very routine, very safe, and relatively pain-free. A root canal treatment involves removing the infected pulp from inside of your tooth and replacing it with dental sealant. This can alleviate your toothache right away!

If you have any concerns about the treatment, Dr. Holly can discuss the endodontist procedure with you first. We also offer sedation dentistry that can make the experience more pleasant and tolerable. There is no need to keep putting up with a terrible toothache just because you are anxious about getting root canal treatment.

You may not be able to see what is going on inside of your teeth, but Dr. Holly and our dental team at Dental Office Anthem AZ are trained to detect any problems and prevent them from spreading to the outer surface of your teeth. Call today to schedule an appointment  with our Dentist in Anthem AZ that includes thorough endodontic examination.

The smile you’ve always wanted can soon be yours!

Call Majestic Dentistry today to schedule a consultation for your dental cosmetic services with Dr. Holly.

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